With the growing number of stories showing up in our Twitter feed about Apple Watch, its Android competitors, and companies like Pebble who are firmly entrenched in the smartwatch space, it’s beginning to feel like the wearables race is (currently) far more exciting than watching 2016 presidential candidates duke it out as they race to the White House. And with good reason: wearables – especially smartwatches – are on the rise.

Apple Watch Users Are Happy Campers

On the heels of releasing Apple Watch onto the wrists of eager global users, Apple – true to their style – iterated on the watchOS like superhumans to release a new, more robust operating system (announced at WWDC), all while simultaneously supporting their most stable iOS to date (8.3). Thus, many negative reviewers have been squelched with by the new watchOS..

Fashion vs. Function

Meanwhile, Android devices upped their ante on the fashion front, making a play for the less-tech, more-functional crowd (and we have to admit, it seems like a wise move to create a wearable that blends in rather than announces “Hello, I’m Tech!” like a nametag at a mixer). That said, Google Now seems to be helping apps focus on utility – a key ingredient for app success.
Outside Developers Are Making a Move

Pebble, a mainstay in the nerdy side of smartwatches, just announced their newest wearable, Pebble Time, is now available for pre-order. Not only is Pebble Time available for both iOS and Android, but it has features other smartwatches can’t yet boast about: 10 days of battery life (compared to Apple Watch’s 18 hours and a few Android watches that go for 48 hours). And Pebble is waterproof – as in, you can take it swimming – whereas Apple Watch is touted as water-resistant (in case you forget to take it off before you shower).

Whether looking at how Google Now compares to Apple Watch notifications, pondering Android’s cloud-focused watch to Apple’s app-focused, or considering the bevy of new smartwatches sure to follow, two things are for certain: everything comes down to what you want from your digital lifestyle, and all smartwatches are going to keep evolving.

So the question really becomes, is your business prepared to keep up?