Update: Who Benefited from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was first released on August 19th to strong sales demand and positive reviews. By August 31, reports started to surface from consumers that their batteries were exploding. Two days later on Sept 2, Samsung formerly recalled the device. The impact on adoption was promptly visible in the data:

New data as of end of Sept 14. Small 13% usage decline since the recall date.


The adoption abruptly halted after the recall as retailers stopped selling the phones and Samsung activated an exchange program. However, it appears that the usage rate of the phone among existing users has been almost the exact same since the day of the recall. We recommend you immediately stop using this phone and initiate the exchange. This weekend, a six year old boy in Brooklyn was burned by the device (update: it was a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, still not good) and briefly hospitalized. A Jeep reportedly went up in flames due to the charging of the device and a hotel room was burned as well.

The stock market has been equally harsh on Samsung; its shares dropped 7% on Monday in the Korean market, wiping over $14 billion off its market cap.