How much is too much? This is a question many of our users have asked when setting up alert thresholds. When should you start to care about dramatic changes in key metrics such as crash rate?

Set thresholds that are too low and you are overwhelmed with notifications; set thresholds that are too high and you are at risk of missing key events and losing users.

Benchmarks can help to a certain extent – however, as time goes by, apps evolve and setting manual thresholds requires constant monitoring and updates to avoid falling into one of the scenarios described above.

Fret no more – today we are announcing Smart Alerts, now available for all Apteligent users.

apteligent smart alerts

Apteligent uses a variety of algorithms to determine Smart Alerts and will help you in two major ways:

  • Our algorithms look at past behavior of key metrics you wish to be alerted on and will automatically detect anomalies that are large enough to warrant a notification.
  • Smart alerts also adapt over time to the new reality as these metrics evolve so you needn’t worry about having to update thresholds on a regular basis to remain current.

Apteligent will automatically learn over time about your own risk profile and will continue to make adjustments and refine your Smart Alerts.