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One line of code enables the most advanced capabilities for developers to find and fix issues fast.


Traditional application performance management (APM) solutions were built ground-up for the web. Apteligent is the only APM solution built ground-up for mobile.

Navigate mobile complexities

Fragmentation on mobile is real. Apteligent empowers you to manage performance and user experience in the face of millions of potential configurations – across devices, networks, operating systems, geolocation, connectivity state, and versions of your app.

Treat the device as the server

If you are merely measuring server availability, your mobile initiative is flying blind. Apteligent measures network calls in production from the standpoint of your end users. On mobile, the devices in your users’ hands are your servers. Apteligent puts you in control to proactively manage every aspect of mobile app performance.

Crash Reporting

From the company that pioneered crash reporting on iOS and Android, Apteligent (formerly Crittercism) delivers the industry's most sophisticated and actionable crash reporting solution.

Resolve issues quickly

Apteligent’s similar crash grouping algorithm eliminates the need to sift through thousands of stack traces that have the same root cause. Its flexible design puts you in control – monitoring crashes in real time and organizing them into manageable groups.

Fix first what matters most

Prioritize bug fixes by business impact and the number of users affected. Easily identify where and why problems are occurring by factors like geography, app version, device, and operating system. Dive deep by analyzing events that led to the crash in the app, on the device, and over the network. Even when the user is offline and when your code is not at fault.

Prioritize based on user impact

Apteligent simplifies impact analysis by grouping similar crashes so you can prioritize by the impact on business and number of users affected.

Culprit SDKs

The average mobile app uses 15 SDKs. Above average product managers understand an SDK’s impact on performance, stability, and user experience.

Improve stability and reduce frustration

Gain visibility into SDK performance and see the impact of external library code in stack traces. Keep vendors honest by understanding the additional load that an SDK adds to your app’s network call frequency and your users’ data and battery usage.

Take control

Make informed decisions about the SDKs you use. Put the suspicions to rest and know exactly how each SDK impacts your app and the experience you deliver on mobile.

Apteligent has been a big factor in ensuring a 5-star mobile experience for our customers.

Eli Weiss

Head of mobile strategy & products at B&H Photo

App Benchmarks

Processing over 4 billion mobile requests per day across one billion devices, Apteligent is uniquely positioned to benchmark app performance.

See how you stack up

See how your app performs relative to others in your app store category in key app performance measures including crash rate, app load time, and network performance.

Focus your resources

Align testing efforts with the devices and operating systems your users care about. Eliminate the unknowns in localization efforts when launching in new markets.

Network Insights

Delivering a compelling mobile user experience requires more than IT admin tools. Gain insight into how user experience in your app is impacted when your app makes network calls.

Keep an eye on all your services

Proactively monitor all service and API metrics down to the endpoints on which the app runs. Get latency, error rate, data bandwidth, and request volume for both your and third-parties’ services.

Rapidly analyze and resolve issues

Get the full picture faster by diagnosing crashes, errors, and failed flows in your app by retracing network calls made during the app issue with breadcrumbs.

The previous app was very glitchy — it crashed all the time, especially in the cart. Now that all those issues are cleared up, every day we are getting thousands of new downloads.

Urban Outfitters


Quickly reproduce crashes and optimize the most important flows in your app. Apteligent automatically captures system, app, and screen events that result in poor user experience.

Capture root cause, codelessly

Apteligent captures common user-initiated actions like state changes in connectivity, background/foreground, and other system events – with zero additional development effort.

Gain insight into network issues

20% of application crashes on mobile are correlated with network issues in your app. Understand which user actions initiate network calls that lead to app failure.

Set up custom breadcrumbs

Add custom breadcrumbs to track additional events in your app. Track the value of specific variables, user actions, or app events.