Have a Hunch. Game Plan.

Take advantage of a bleeding edge platform and proven data science to improve your business on mobile.

App Health Dashboards

Quickly view relevant information about your critical apps in the industry’s best dashboard.

Monitor app health and performance

Enable wallboard mode and share critical data from multiple apps in the wild in a single dashboard across the team. User engagement, app performance, and store rating. At a glance.

Built for mobile managers and developers

Designed to help mobile managers determine when and where their attention is required and enable teams to make fast, informed decisions about how to deploy valuable development resources.

Global Benchmarks

Apteligent processes over four billion mobile requests per day across one billon devices. Our platform anonymizes and aggregates this data into actionable benchmarks.

Real-time data for mobile teams with a competitive streak

Gain access to the only dataset that covers both performance and adoption. Understand adoption, crash rate, and app load time by geography, operating system, device, and app store category. Make smarter decisions about your use of cloud services like Google Analytics and Facebook by understanding network errors and latency that can impact user experience.

Get a global view of macro changes

When a new operating system is released, mobile teams go to Apteligent for a global view of how it’s performing. When new devices are introduced, analysts and researchers go to Apteligent for anonymized market data and adoption. If your business depends on mobility, you’ll need a macro view of the industry.

Splunk is the nerve center for our operations. Now through this integration, our entire technical team can access Apteligent's rich mobile insights alongside other data about our technical operations


Release Console

Apteligent release console gives mobile teams immediate visibility and control over new releases. Easily compare the performance of your new release to previous versions in a single real-time view.

Improve release over release

Quickly evaluate the latest internal or product launch in the wild, monitoring adoption and user response in real-time. Easily compare one version to another and identify changes in app behavior and stability.

Evaluate and decide based on real world conditions

Quickly determine whether the new version of your app is better or worse than the one you currently have in the field. Follow adoption of your latest version in real time while monitoring its stability. Drive decisions with data and eliminate negative user experiences.

Release Planner

Release Planner enables mobile product owners to take a data-driven approach to releasing apps in new app store markets.

Flight plan data for successful app launches

Release Planner arms mobile product owners need with the regional insights that make launches successful. Inform your development strategy and test plans with a deep understanding of the hardware and software usage in specific regions. Optimize user experience and your end-results by setting goals based on industry standards for user experience in your app store category.

The latest data, always

Real-time industry data eliminates the need for expensive primary research or outdated industry reports.

Custom Insights™

Organizations serious about mobile success need more than visibility. Custom Insights allows you to correlate underlying app data metrics with marketing performance metrics without manual work.

Drive data-driven decisions on your team

Ask Apteligent a question about your app or the broader mobile environment — and return to your team with a custom report containing the statistical analysis and insight that will improve your mobile business.

Leverage bleeding edge data science tools

Custom Insights leverages the same analytical tools that Apteligent data scientists use on big data. Go beyond your app’s data and leverage billions of global data points from our data warehouses.


Start sharing mobile data and insights across your business to make smarter decisions. If you’re already using one of these tools, getting the Apteligent data flowing should be a breeze. Apteligent Connectors are open source and ready-made to integrate with leading marketing, workflow, and IT tools.

Enterprise RESTful API

Drive visibility across your organization by pulling critical mobile data into internal reporting and tracking systems. API access is free and included in all Apteligent plans. Stop scraping websites and start giving your team answers.

Start with our API reference or by taking a look at an implementation. (Our Splunk integration is open-source and available on GitHub.)