SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. 16, 2015 – Apteligent, leader in mobile app intelligence, announced today the 2015 Banking Survey that evaluates the growth of the mobile consumer as it relates to the financial services and banking industry.

The report analyzes over 235 mobile consumers and a select group of successful bank customers about the mobile landscape. Respondents came from 18 different countries across all continents from the age range of 18 to 75. Apteligent’s findings can help app developers, IT departments and decision-makers in the financial services industry create more engaging apps for better customer experience.

“Forrester predicts that by 2017, 108 million customers in the US alone will be using mobile banking. As flexible banking creates a myriad of opportunities, the way consumers use, manage and spend money is ripe for mobile domination,” said Dave Robbins, CEO of Apteligent. “It’s our goal to continue monitoring the financial services space in order to provide real-time app analytics from current customers in addition to providing consumer feedback to help developers and decision-makers create and build better apps.”

Key findings include:

– 2 percent do banking through their bank’s mobile app; by comparison, just 8.9 percent relied on the bank’s brick-and-mortar location or snail mail to bank

– Millennial mobile banking adoption rate is 46.6 percent

– 1 percent of responders use their bank’s mobile app, with 75.8 percent of millennials using the app regularly

– Of banks surveyed with a mobile app, 50 percent of customers use the app at least weekly; 27 percent use the app daily

– M-Finance is on a steady rise. Between May and October 2015, finance app loads on the Android operating system increased 47 increased and in that same six month period, finance app loads on iOS increased 13.3 percent.

To learn more about mobile banking, view the whitepaper.

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