Churned. Engaged.

Identify the most important flows in your app and proactively reduce user churn.

App Engagement

Understand your app’s adoption. Apteligent delivers precise data on daily and monthly active users by operating system, device, app version, geo-location, and more.

Correlate app performance to app engagement

When there is a change in your app’s user behavior metrics, your marketing analytics tools tell you that the change has occurred. Apteligent helps explain why it occurred.

User Flows

Identify the most important flows or actions in your app and connect them with critical business metrics. Proactively resolve code, network, and SDK issues at the root cause of user friction in your app.

Track the most important flows, codelessly

Apteligent automatically monitors when a user moves from screen to screen, allowing you to recreate the user’s experience without having to write a single additional line of code in your app.

Add custom context

Define and focus on your organization’s most critical userflows like login and checkout. Apteligent puts the pertinent data at your fingertips to optimize for the best possible customer experience.

"Apteligent's Userflows allow us to view intelligence around both our revenue metrics and our mobile user journeys, along with any issues they encounter."


Mobile Project Manager at Groupon

View by User

Tag your users with an identifiable username and eliminate guesswork. Rest easy knowing that Apteligent does not collect personally identifiable information and that your app data is yours.

Smarter user outreach

Apteligent integrates with popular marketing messaging tools so that you can automatically segment users that experienced an issue in your app. Deliver a timely message to re-engage affected users and protect your brand and your mobile business.

Enable your support teams

Give your support team the tools they need to reproduce issues reported by your most valuable customers. View the list of users affected by an issue in your app – or search by username to see all issues that affected a given user.