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Developer / Development Manager

  • Find and fix crashes and issues fast with line-of-code details.
  • Improve release-over-release with granular rate and trend metrics.
  • Cut though the noise and get visibility to the issues that really matter.
  • Track key app performance measures like crash rate, app load time, network latency, UI latency, and more.
  • Identify crashes and performance issues caused by third-party services and components.
  • Capture issues that occur in your app even when the device is offline.

Product Manager / Mobile KPI Owner

  • Get real-time visibility into issues that impact your users from their viewpoint.
  • Prioritize issues for rapid resolution.
  • Monitor app releases as they happen and measure progress with each new app release.
  • Benchmark your app relative to your industry peers.
  • Connect app performance measures to your critical business KPIs.
  • Integrate with IT and Analytics tools to deliver real-time mobile visibility across departments.

Integrates with popular developer, product, devops, and marketing tools

Supports broadest array of mobile platforms

Start Monitoring Your Critical Business Needs

When milliseconds can cost you millions, Apteligent reveals operational and usage trends, uncovers issues, and analyzes behaviors. This allows you to continuously improve apps, keep users happy, and put your mobile business at the top of its game.

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Announcing Connectivity Configuration in the Apteligent SDK

I’m excited to announce a new feature in our iOS and Android SDKs that allows companies to configure Apteligent reporting based on their internet connection.  One of the challenges of developing a mobile app is that apps are dependent...

Working with Big Data at Apteligent

At Apteligent we process on the order of 100 terabytes of data each month. In order to transform this vast amount of information into useful insights for our customers, our Data Team makes use of Apache Spark. Spark not...

Apteligent Release Roundup

We’re halfway through 2016, and it’s been a busy year here at Apteligent. Our platform has been improved from the ground-up, we’re supporting the hottest app in the world, and we continue to add great features for app owners...