Today we released the industry’s first Mobile Experience Benchmark report which establishes benchmarks for the performance of mobile apps, operating systems and devices across the globe.  To generate this report we examined data from one billion monthly active users who use tens of thousands of apps monitored by Apteligent.

The goal of the report is to help give mobile teams insight into questions like:
– How does my app perform compared to other apps in my industry?
– What kind of uptime or crash rates should I expect on iOS or on Android?
– If I enter a new geographic market, what impact will it have on my app’s responsiveness?
– What latencies or error rates should expect from my cloud services deliver to my app?
– How does performance vary across popular 3rd party web services my app depends on?

The Apteligent Mobile Experience Benchmark report helps answer these questions.  The report begins by exploring why delivering top performing mobile apps is difficult.  In a nutshell, the incredible complexity of the mobile ecosystem across OS versions, devices, carriers, app versions, and cloud dependencies leads to over a hundred million permutations.  This complexity makes it difficult to test every user’s situation and optimize performance.

The two core pillars of app performance one needs to track and optimize are mobile app uptime and app responsiveness.  Our data shows that mobile app uptime, meaning the percent of usage that an app doesn’t crash, must be above 99% for your app to be competitive in the app marketplace.  In addition,  responsiveness of  your app’s service calls requires a latency of under one second to satisfy users.  Yet our data shows many service calls don’t meet that bar.
To supplement our benchmark report, we’ve also put together an infographic that illustrates the high-level takeaways.  I encourage you to download the full Mobile Experience Benchmark report to view more detailed industry, OS, device, geography, and service benchmarks to understand how your company’s app performance stacks up.

We hope you find this information useful.

Update (Mar 31, 2014): A few quick points of clarification –

– What does Apteligent mean by crash/crash rate?

Crash rate is defined as the percentage of app loads that result in an app crashing.  All app loads and crashes of an app are counted but only for apps that Apteligent monitors.

– Where does Apteligent collect this data from?

Apteligent offers a hosted mobile application performance solution for companies that have mobile apps. These companies build Apteligent into the apps that they distribute so that they can deliver better performing apps for their users.  We monitor tens of thousands of apps that together have over one billion users. Apteligent then collects anonymized diagnostic information from these apps for companies to monitor, troubleshoot, and trend the performance of their mobile apps.  The report aggregates statistics across this anonymized diagnostic data.