It’s a new week, and we’re excited to have a new release for you. Breadcrumbs allow developers to reproduce the steps that led to a crash, and to understand the impact it had on end users.

This release covers iOS and Android crashes, as well as handled exceptions.

Breadcrumbs: Defined

Breadcrumbs are little pieces of information that are scattered along the way, either in your code or on the user’s path, to outline exactly what led to a crash. (Just like how breadcrumbs led Hansel and Gretel home, in case you were wondering about the origin of the name.)

They work a bit like a recording session, allowing devs to replay the action – because let’s face it: Sometimes a stack trace is just not enough to debug a crash. At the very least, a stack trace can be very time consuming.

Some Breadcrumbs are user-defined and customizable, but the brilliant thing is that most Breadcrumbs are now logged au-to-ma-ti-ca-lly.

Yep, we now track the most common events that would cause an app to crash for you, so you can contextualize why and how the crash occurred.

A Quick Breadcrumbs Use-Case

Here’s just one example of how Breadcrumbs would work:

If a user loses cell coverage – which understandably may cause your app to crash – Breadcrumbs automatically logs that rather useful piece of context. It’s a bit like helping you realize that your TV didn’t stop working because it was broken, but instead was unplugged.

It might look a little something like this, as we display the last 5 breadcrumb trails for each crash in the UI:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.37.42 PM.png

With the new release, iOS and Android developers will:

  • See Network and System events automatically logged

  • Keep seeing their custom breadcrumbs and handled exception breadcrumbs

  • Have a way to easily filter breadcrumbs by type

  • Have a clear visual differentiation by type of breadcrumbs to help them understand better the user path to the crash

So, How Do You Update?

If you are using a recent agent release, there’s nothing to do. Just go to the crash detail page, select the tab ‘breadcrumbs’ and feel the magic.

If you are not running Android SDK v 5.0.4 and above and iOS SDK v. 5.1.0 and above, update your agent!

Handled Exception automatic breadcrumbs will be made available soon in an upcoming version of the iOS SDK.

Much more to come soon around crash reporting so stay tuned,

Pete and Joe, Apteligent engineers.