Here at Apteligent, we pride ourselves on providing mobile app intelligence for thousands of users distributed across small start-ups, established mobile-first companies, and large Fortune 500 enterprises. In the past we’ve offered just two plans – Basic [free] for users who are primarily concerned with understanding the root-cause of crashes and Enterprise, for those who need the full depth of our crash reporting, service monitoring, and transactions data combined with enterprise-level support. But what about users who need more flexibility?

Enter JumpStart. This new plan provides our customers access to more of our advanced features packaged into a convenient, cancel-at-any-time monthly plan. Users who weren’t ready to commit to our deluxe Enterprise plan now have the option of using features like handled exceptions, breadcrumbs, as well as enhanced support.

Even from step one, JumpStart is self-service. Sign up, select the level of Monthly Active Users (MAU) that you will need for the month, provide your payment details and…voila! You’re using Apteligent. You have complete control, from adding more MAU to cancelling your plan at any time. Best of all, this plan puts our business-critical mobile app intelligence right at your fingertips.

To view a detailed comparison of Apteligent’s Basic, JumpStart and Enterprise please visit our new plan page here. As always, we will also continue to offer our free 30-day fully- featured trial to all new users.