We are delighted to introduce Apteligent Benchmark Reports.

Starting this week we will begin sending out Benchmark Reports that allow our customers to contextualize and understand how their app stacks up against the competition across Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like crash rate and app load time. We chose these two KPIs because app load time is tightly aligned with app adoption while crash rate is aligned with engagement. Benchmark Reports are created by aggregating and anonymizing data from the tens of thousands of apps on the Apteligent platform and then crunching the data to present unique category-specific insights.

So for example a Apteligent customer that has finance apps will now automatically receive a regular report that shows how their apps compare to other finance apps in terms of crash rate and app load time. Based on these comparisons our customers can then determine where they are ahead of the pack, and where they may need to consider directing additional investment to improve their app. (See below for some sample iOS Finance category reports.)

Benchmark Reports are made exclusively available to Apteligent Enterprise customers only. In the coming months we will be introducing additional new features that further assist our customers to contextualize their KPIs so please stay tuned.


Distribution of Apps by Average Crash Rate – Understand where your app’s crash rate ranks compared to other iOS apps in the Finance category


Crash Rate by Major OS Version – Understand how your app’s crash rate compares by iOS versions in the Finance category


Distribution of Apps by Appload Time  – Understand where your app load time ranks compared to other iOS apps in the Finance category.


Top 10 Cloud Services by Popularity and Latency – Understand the average latency and error rate for the top 10 cloud services.