Apteligent is continuously enhancing and updating its products through regular releases. While many optimizations were made to our infrastructure behind the scenes, there are several notable features from the latest sprint:

Custom Insights

Enterprise customers now have the ability to request custom data reports on-demand. Dive into the data and benchmarks that matter most to your team. Slice data across multiple dimensions and filter to the exact granularity you need to make informed decisions about your product and competition.

Improved Symbolication

Improvements have been made to Proguard symbolication for Android crashes, and you can now download the raw crash file for iOS crashes for performing your own symbolication. Automatic reminders for uploading symbol files for iOS, Proguard, and NDK area available in the UI detailing exactly which symbol files are missing and where to find them.

Updated Crash Pages

The Crash Details and Crash Summary pages have both been updated. Crashes are displayed more effectively to improve triage, and symbolication is easier to manage directly.

Refined Crash Data

Breadcrumbs and crash data are available on a per-version basis, and diagnostic information is now continuously updated. The crash detail page can be filtered by version. Furthermore, the most recent breadcrumbs and stack traces for a given crash group are now visible as well as the original.

General bug fixes and improvement

Stay tuned to the blog and our SDK changelogs for updates on the way in our next bi-weekly release.