Update: Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Usage Highest Ever as Explosions Continue

Short Answer: Google/Huawei & LG

As you probably know, the Samsung Note 7 was recalled due to a faulty battery that was causing explosions. We previously reported data on how users were still using their devices after the recall. Now that usage is finally dropping on the device, the big question is which companies and devices benefited from the recall? Did users simply exchange the device for a new Note 7 or did they choose a competitor?

We provided data to Forbes to answer this question, and we’ve provided the raw data below.


The graph above shows global Android adoption of various devices (click here for the full list). The key is to compare the data before and after the recall, specifically the slope of the graph gives you an idea of the change in adoption rate. The S7 & S7 Edge popularity causes the graph to be harder to read, but let’s instead focus in on the slope of each line (rate of change in adoption per day) before and after the recall:


All of these devices, including Samsung’s S7 and S7 Edge devices, saw increased adoption after the recall. However, the big winner was the Google Nexus 6P followed by the LG G5.