Apteligent is continuously enhancing and updating its products through regular releases. While many optimizations were made to our infrastructure behind the scenes, there are several notable highlights from the latest sprint:

Updated Release Console

Release Console now provides a Live Mode and self refreshes, allowing it to be used in Release War Rooms, the most typical use-case. Release Console allows mobile teams to closely monitor the stability of a new app version in real-time and before it gets wide adoption so that corrective actions can still be taken at minimal cost to their user experience. Everyone from mobile developers all the way through executives can benefit from Release Console. This feature is available to all tiers.

New Crash Group Notification Off by default

New users now need to turn on the ‘new crash group’ notifications as we have modified the default to reduce unwanted noise. Existing users will see their settings unchanged.

Automatic reSymbolication

We now automatically resymbolicate partially symbolicated crashes in iOS and Android after you upload the missing symbol files.

US PoP Migration

We are decommissioning our EU PoP on November 20, 2016. On October 20, all new app data will be sent to our North American PoP. EU standard accounts will also be able to enjoy new features available in the North American PoP once this is completed:

  • Better iOS and Android symbolication
  • Release Console
  • Breadcrumbs by version and Crash Detail Page filtered by version
  • Downloading of raw crashes
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Similar Crash Search
  • More intuitive displaying of crashes on the crash summary page
  • Team notes on the crash summary page

Historical data will still be accessible in EU accounts up until November 20, 2016.

General bug fixes and improvement

Stay tuned to the blog and our SDK changelogs for updates on the way in our next bi-weekly release.