Update: Graph updated through end of day Sunday the 17th. Note 7 usage is now 17% below the recall date.

Our original post outlined how users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were defying the recall, and were still using their devices at roughly the same rate a week later. Usage did drop off slightly in the midst of the recall but has trended upwards in the past few weeks as replacement devices have largely been distributed. Unfortunately new reports are out this past week that show replacement devices continue to explode.

As of this past Monday, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now has the highest usage rate in its history. In fact, Note 7 usage was over 23% higher on Monday than the date of the recall. We urge consumers to stop using this phone immediately.


Several reports describe exploding phones in homes, while users are holding the device, and in one case a parked Southwest flight (triggering an evacuation). Samsung announced today it has halted production of the device as it investigates these issues. In addition, most US carriers have stopped sales of the device.

This is another major setback for Samsung. The timing coincides well for Google who just launched their flagship competitor the Pixel, and Apple who started shipping the new iPhone 7 models less than a month ago. The data shows that a few of Samsung’s competitors did in fact benefit from the recall.