In an industry first, Apteligent has quantified the correlation between mobile app crashes and increased churn rates. In this report, we not only prove that a correlation exists — we leverage our data to show exactly how crashes drive an increase in churn.

Key findings

  • Crashes increase churn by as much as 534%: This represents a 6x increase from your “average” churn rates.
  • Crashes decrease next-day app opens by almost 8x the normal open rate.
  • The data shows that “light” users, or users with fewer app opens per day, tend to churn at higher rates based on crashes.
  • The impact of crashes on churn also varies by app store category: Shopping & Finance apps in particular are vulnerable to lose users when the app crashes, while users of Games & Travel apps are much more resilient and more likely return despite crashes.

    For more details, download the Data Report: Crash & Churn Edition.