Every year the mobile ecosystem experiences dramatic changes, and 2016 was no different.

Samsung phones exploded, Google moved into hardware by releasing its own devices, Apple released new iPhones, and new operating systems were released. We report on the top new device launches of 2016, compare the iPhone 7 launch to that of the iPhone 6, analyze operating system trends, and finally summarize the top insights of the year from our data science team.

Key findings

  • The flagship Android device launches with the highest adoption rates this holiday season have been the Sony Xperia XZ, the Google Pixel, and the Google Pixel XL.
  • The residual Samsung Note 7 use is still higher than the LG V20, OnePlus 3T, and the HTC 10 Evo (Bolt) combined.
  • Black Friday Android shoppers generally did not purchase the Motorola Moto Z.
  • The iPhone 7 was adopted at lower rate than the iPhone 6; however, the iPhone 7 Plus was adopted faster than the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • The iPhone 6, 5s, and 6 Plus are being replaced the fastest since the iPhone 7s were introduced, implying iOS device upgrades were concentrated on consumers with those devices.
  • Nougat currently has the highest crash rate on Android, while iOS 10 is the most stable iOS release.

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For more details, download the Data Report: Mobile Yearn In Review 2016.