The persistence of certain trends in business analysis can be both head-scratching and impressive. At one point, I was a business analyst. I can remember lively conversations with vendors filled with demands for features like reporting and CSV formatting, so that I could quickly transform and visualize data.

It hardly merits pointing out that the platforms that process data for business analysis have matured significantly and in almost every aspect since that time. But ask a product manager or analyst what they need to quickly understand a problem. The data? Specific values over a time-series. Format? CSV. Why? Because it’s quick to obtain, simple to analyze in a spreadsheet, and lends itself to proven techniques like linear regression.

The other day, I walked by Alejandro’s desk at our headquarters in San Francisco. Alejandro works on our data science team. He was previewing some capabilities that our Lumos platform enables (and that you’ll hear us announcing in the coming weeks). During our five minute chat, he sent me over a handful of map plots. With those plots, I threw together this animation.

What you are seeing are the billions of app load events that Apteligent collects. The bigger the circle, the more app loads in that hour. Just weeks ago, this visualization was not possible. Today, it took 15 minutes. A developer didn’t need to help the business guy pull data from an API. This is the power of data.