Launching a new app version or a new app altogether carries high stakes, so it’s important to establish processes that mitigate risk and maximize benefit around new versions of your app. We’re excited to announce the public availability of two new capabilities that several of our large customers have been using in beta to make their app launches successful.

Data-driven but hungry for data? No more, with Release Planner

Release Planner is the one-stop shop for the data that you need to plan a successful release in a new geographical region or app store.

Release Planner enables mobile product owners to take a data-driven approach to releasing apps in new app store markets. In a mobile market that remains  fragmented, successful mobile teams understand the hardware and software landscape by region and set release goals based on standards for engagement and user experience in that region.  Release Planner has been used by our biggest clients to guide development and to devise test plans that focus on what really matters. Before today, this data was only available via expensive primary research or soon-to-be outdated industry reports. Release Planner is available for Apteligent’s Enterprise clients.

Release Console 2.0

Releasing a new version of a mobile app can be stressful. You have limited control over the code that runs on your users’ phones and it’s cost prohibitive — if not impossible — to test all possible scenarios. As with any change, a release contains an element of risk. Mobile teams need to know whether the new release will deliver a better user experience… or inadvertently worsen it. Some companies mitigate risk via complex staged release procedures. Apteligent’s Release Console allows mobile teams to arrive at the same conclusions by quickly evaluating each launch in the wild in real-time before an issue affects too many users.

For these reasons and more, we’re excited to announce the availability of Release Console v2.0.

Release Console v1.0 was a powerful dashboard that required no additional configuration and allowed stakeholders to understand the difference in quality and stability between the latest version and one that they are familiar with, for example, the one that most users are on currently.

Release Console v2.0 enables a shared view of adoption and user engagement response in real-time. It’s available for all teams using Apteligent and those on the enterprise plan have access to live views of engagement and performance in as granular as five-second intervals.


We’re looking forward to the many app updates to come.