Ahead of Mobile World Congress 2017, Apteligent has uncovered unique global mobility trends that impact enterprises responsible for mobile apps, device manufacturers, and wireless operators.

Our crash and churn report first quantified the correlation between mobile app crashes and increased churn rates. This report dives deeper and analyzes the extent to which the performance-engagement relationship differs by region (hint: it does!). In our regional analysis, we also look at which Android manufacturers dominate handset usage, which Apple devices are leading in each region, and finally provide an analysis of the leading wireless operators.

Key findings

  • App users in Russia and China are the least tolerant of fatal app errors (and most likely to churn).
  • App users in Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong are most likely to give your app a second chance after it fails.
  • In the long term, app users in South Korea, Israel, and Australia are most patient when experiencing app crashes.
  • Samsung is the number one Android handset provider in 83% of the world. Huawei, Sony, and LG follow.
  • The iPhone 6 is still the most popular iOS device across the globe, the iPhone 7 is currently ranked number four.
  • The wealthy Chinese citizens of Macau prefer the iPhone 7 Plus, as do the ruling elite in Myanmar, and as a result it is the number one iOS device in those regions.
  • Verizon has the highest usage among carriers in 33 of 50 US States.
  • App addiction measured by frequency of app loads per capita:
    • People in Oregon, Illinois, and Maryland are the most addicted to mobile apps.
    • People in West Virginia, Vermont, and Maine are the least addicted to mobile apps.

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