We recently released a paper highlighting seven of the best practices collected from some of Apteligent’s most savvy and successful customers. These best practices encompass both tracking progress over time (week-over-week, across app versions), as well as applying repeatable processes to every sprint and release of an app. Applying these best practices repeatedly over weeks and months has enabled them to deliver 5-star mobile apps.

This follow-up series in our technical resources section will show how to go about implementing these best practices in your own app, with your own team.

Check out the articles below:

Part 1: Fix the Top Ten Crashes Each Sprint

Part 2: Maintain a crash rate of less than 0.25% in your app’s three most critical userflows

Part 3: Reduce App Load Time to Two seconds to Increase Engagement

Part 4: Optimize Interaction Time to Create Delightful User Experiences

Part 5: Monitor Network Calls During Key Flows

Part 6: Measure Data and Battery Life Usage

Part 7 [new]: Monitor Your Mobile Metrics – Over Time and Per Release

We hope the series has been helpful for your app development process. Please let us know your thoughts or questions @Apteligent.