“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” said W. Edwards Deming, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant. We agree.

Apteligent is committed to presenting the most relevant data to help you make better decisions. Our data scientists and machine learning models work tirelessly to improve your mobile users’ experience. As a first step we offered Product Managers and Mobile Developers the ability to access custom reports to answer their most pressing questions. The next iteration of our Report Center offers smarter and more comprehensive insights. It now makes the most frequently requested reports in the organizations we work with readily available.

Your Most Frequently Needed Reports Available At a Click of the Mouse

Product Managers can now gauge the impact of quality on engagement or find out the level of quality for the most widely adopted app version. They can download all reports as CSV to ensure maximum flexibility. The data can easily be mixed with other internal data sources. Product Managers can easily format reports for their wider teams.

Report Center is your Recommendation Engine

The Apteligent data team will be releasing a number of reports in the near future. For instance, an app specific network related crash report shows which cloud services are correlated with crashes and the associated recommendations to make them go away.

Over time we’ll add additional features to make it easier to generate reports such as the ability to save templates, schedule recurring reports, or email them directly. We look forward to identifying more key patterns to reduce user churn, improve engagement and drive better results for all of you. Stay tuned!