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Apteligent Product Updates September 19, 2016

Apteligent is continuously enhancing and updating its products through regular releases. While many optimizations were made to our infrastructure behind the scenes, there are several notable features from the latest sprint: Custom Insights Enterprise customers now have the ability to request custom data reports on-demand. Dive into the data and benchmarks that matter most to... Read more

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iOS 10 Adoption Predictions & Stability

Adoption In preparation for the iOS 10 launch tonight, our data scientists crunched through over 178 billion app launches across 26 releases/patches of iOS to predict iOS 10 adoption. Last year we predicted iOS 9 adoption with a high degree of accuracy. These adoption rates are based on actual app usage data. Based on the... Read more

September 13th, 2016 by in Data, Mobile Trends

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The Impact of Battery Explosions on Adoption

Update: Who Benefited from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall? The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was first released on August 19th to strong sales demand and positive reviews. By August 31, reports started to surface from consumers that their batteries were exploding. Two days later on Sept 2, Samsung formerly recalled the device. The impact... Read more

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New Developer Resource: Abstraction Layers, Schemas, and State Management – oh my!

The newest addition to our series about re-architecting the Apteligent web application is now available. The first post discussed why we have decided to re-architect the app, including some pain points we had in the existing setup. The second post in the series introduced the front-end architecture we landed on (Flux) and how we came... Read more

September 12th, 2016 by in Blog, Engineering

New Developer Resource: How To Read an Android Stack Trace

Properly reading a stack trace is the first step to debugging crashes that occur in your mobile app. We have previously discussed how to read a stack trace in iOS, and today we have published a tutorial for parsing and understanding Android crashes. Learn everything you need to know about Android stack traces in the... Read more

September 9th, 2016 by in Blog, Engineering

The Front End of the Intern Experience

At the beginning of June on a summer morning that wasn’t that summery, I hopped on BART and headed to my first day as an intern at Apteligent. I spent the first week touring the office with my mentor and being introduced to everyone, setting up my workspace, and learning about the technologies being used... Read more

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New Developer Resources: Best Practices for Implementing Apteligent Parts 3 & 4

We recently released a paper highlighting seven of the best practices collected from some of Apteligent’s most savvy and successful customers. These best practices encompass both tracking progress over time (week-over-week, across app versions), as well as applying repeatable processes to every sprint and release of an app. Applying these best practices repeatedly over weeks and months... Read more

August 30th, 2016 by in Blog, Engineering

How to safely update your app to Android Nougat

Android Nougat, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS has started rolling out on Nexus devices. While this is exciting for Nexus owners, based on Android’s history and the latest Apteligent Data Report, it may take a while for Nougat to become available on other devices. The reason behind this is simple: manufacturers want to... Read more

August 29th, 2016 by in Blog, Engineering

Track iOS 10, Android Nougat Adoption & Crashes

Android Nougat was first pushed to Android Nexus devices earlier this week. iOS 10, currently in public beta, is expected to launch on the new iPhone 7 in September. Every major release of Android and iOS causes a spike in performance issues such as crashes. Mobile teams should be actively updating apps so they work... Read more

August 25th, 2016 by in Data, Mobile Trends

How to safely update your app to iOS 10

In my last post, I highlighted a few of the new features launching in iOS 10 that developers can take advantage of. While it’s fun to go sprinting into the latest-and-greatest, you need to make sure your app is updated across the board. This means checking for reliance on any deprecated methods or classes, and... Read more

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