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New Feature: Identifying Culprit SDKs in Android and iOS Crashes

The average mobile app uses 15 SDKs. With all the third-party code that SDKs introduce in apps, it makes sense that mobile development organizations care about how these SDKs impact performance, stability, and user experience. Including multiple third-party frameworks...

On Being an Apteligent Intern…

It was a cold spring morning when I left Toronto for San Francisco. The cocktail of excitement and anxiety almost made me forget that I was flying unaccompanied for the first time; I only realized it once my mother...

New Developer Resource: Life on the bleeding-edge: front-end architecture

In case you missed it, last week I talked about the difficulties we’ve been experiencing that led us to re-architect our web application. This week, I’ll discuss the front-end architecture we landed on, and talk about how we came to that decision. Read the...