Enterprise-grade integrations for enterprise-wide mobile insights

Organizations leverage Apteligent’s powerful REST API and pre-built integrations to connect across critical Enterprise IT infrastructure. From marketing to IT Ops, Apteligent’s APIs bring granular mobile insights to ensure your mobile solutions are functioning at peak performance.


The success of mobile business is measured by demand funnel conversion rates and user engagement. Many times, however, the reasons behind changes in key demand metrics are not fully understood. Standalone marketing analytics solutions cannot fully explain drops in conversions or the impact of an app crash on user engagement.

The Adobe-Apteligent partnership combines two best-in-class solutions to answer these questions and to offer the most complete understanding of app performance on mobile customer engagement available.

  • Combine and correlate Adobe marketing metrics with Apteligent performance metrics in one dashboard.
  • Understand how app performance impacts key marketing metrics like conversion, engagement, and retention.
  • Isolate the root causes of critical customer experience issues so that they can be resolved quickly.

"Mobile businesses today are often blind to the many errors and performance issues that affect apps in the wild."



With the Splunk-certified Apteligent integration, you can now view Apteligent’s rich mobile app intelligence data directly within Splunk. The integration combines Apteligent’s granular app performance data with Splunk’s operational intelligence for complete end-to-end visibility into your Enterprise mobile infrastructure.

  • Isolate the root cause of mobile app performance issues using Apteligent data directly within Splunk.
  • Monitor key app performance metrics like crash rates, app loads, latency, DAU, and MAU with prebuilt or customizable Splunk dashboards for complete end-to-end insight.
  • Incorporate unique Apteligent insights into network service, third-party service, and SDK performance and their impact on your app and user experience directly in Splunk.
  • Correlate real-time data on your most important app user flows or actions with back-end server data to analyze how server outages are affecting mobile experience.

"Splunk is the nerve center for our operations. Now through this integration, our entire technical team can access Apteligent's rich mobile insights alongside other data about our technical operations."



JIRA by Atlassian connects teams through bug tracking, issue tracking, project management, and communication tools. Apteligent’s seamless JIRA integration streamlines ticket management for mobile teams and simplifies the creation and tracking of actionable mobile issues uncovered by Apteligent.

  • View an error affecting your users and and with the click of a button create a new ticket in JIRA from within Apteligent.
  • Automatically connect the JIRA ticket with a detailed stack trace and other relevant diagnostic information to reproduce the error.
  • Supports JIRA OnDemand (cloud deployment) and JIRA on-premise installations.

"We integrated Apteligent directly into our existing workflows to automatically manage JIRA tickets related to our app's performance. Our developers have all the info they need without lifting a finger."


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