SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apteligent, the leader in mobile app intelligence, announced today the general availability of its connector to Adobe Marketing Cloud as well as the forthcoming release of its new, visual dashboard designed to highlight the most important performance, adoption and perception information about your mobile apps. These new features are the first of several soon-to-be-announced releases that help enterprise digital and mobile teams gain visibility and control of app releases and better understand their mobile customer needs.

“Apteligent Mobile App Intelligence is all about enabling the mobile and digital teams to see and understand their business in context,” said Dave Robbins, CEO of Apteligent. “We are committed to delivering increasing amounts of data for consumption by key mobile stakeholders – from the dev to the product to the digital teams to continuously improve and refine their mobile apps. Using Apteligent, teams can better understand users in the places and moments they use an app, understand how the app performs in its ecosystem, and help prioritize and accelerate new feature development to ensure great micro-moments.”

Presenting at the 2016 Adobe Summit, kiosk #36, Apteligent will be demonstrating its new connector for the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Using the connector, digital teams will be able to see how crashes, app load times, errors, network latency, and millions of other factors can affect user engagement and retention on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and other mobile platforms.

Apteligent’s new dashboard brings the most relevant pieces of information about a mobile app, (including its app store rating and industry performance benchmarks) to help a mobile PM see their app’s performance issues and help prioritize how best to deploy their development resources.

Using the Apteligent Dashboard mobile PMs can:

  • See if app stability (crash rate / error rate) is trending up or down (a leading indicator to potential star-loss.)
  • Establish an ideal ‘crash rate’ as the goal for the development team so as to increase competitive position.
  • Understand at a glance the impact of app stability on user engagement to know when to focus on new features instead of bug fixes.
  • Dashboards will be generally available for Apteligent customers the last week of March 2016.

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    Apteligent provides the world’s leading mobile application intelligence solution enabling enterprises to accelerate their mobile business. The company’s solution monitors every aspect of mobile app performance and provides a real-time global view of app and transaction metrics across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 10, Hybrid and HTML5 apps. Trusted by three of the top five credit card issuers, three of the top five media companies, three of the top five retailers, and two of the top three hotel chains with the success of their strategic mobile app initiatives. Apteligent is leading the drive to the App Economy. Learn more at

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