SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apteligent, a mobile app intelligence platform, announces its partnership with Azul Airlines, a Brazilian based intercontinental airline, to meet the needs of Azul’s rapidly growing traveler base with an ultra-efficient mobile app.

Driven by the need to build an app that could cater to a diverse user pool, to scale easily and to provide customers with a convenient way to organize travel plans, Azul sought the services of Apteligent. The partnership has been able to seamlessly allow users travel without being tethered to a computer screen.

“Here at Azul, we review everything and see how we can do it better, faster and more efficiently,” stated Kleber Linhares, CIO of Azul. “Apteligent’s quick implementation, ease of use and real-time customer detail gave us all the information we needed to get our app running quickly and without error.”

Since the release, the app has experienced rising success with over half of Azul travelers active within the app. The app compliments the on-the-go lifestyle of its users by allowing them to book, manage and access reservations any time, regardless of their location. Apteligent helps Azul understand their mobile app experience, proactively identifying app failure issues, and conducting trend analysis on an individual basis. As a result of the partnership Azul has been able to maximize revenue, engagement and retention.

“Customers fly Azul because they know they can rely on us for a safe, comfortable and affordable flight. Apteligent has helped us complete the customer experience,” Linhares commented. “We’re very proud of our mobile app, which gives customers the coveted convenience factor.”

To learn more about how intelligence tools can travel and hospitality services offer better mobile apps, Apteligent is hosting a webinar with Eye For Travel, March 30, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Register to attend, “How to Convert Mobile Travel Metrics Into True Customer Insights.”

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For more information about the partnership between Azul and Apteligent, read the full case study.

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