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App Health Dashboards

  • Quickly view relevant information about your critical apps in the industry’s best dashboard.
  • Monitor app health and performance
    See data from multiple mobile apps in the wild in a single dashboard and share critical information across the team including user engagement, crash rate, and app store rating.
  • Built for mobile managers and developers
    Designed to help mobile managers determine when and where their attention is required and enable teams to make fast, informed decisions about how to deploy valuable development resources.
  • Ideal in multiple viewing environments
    Track your app individually or show the dashboard to your entire team. Ideal for viewing on your tablet or computer, or enable wallboard mode for optimized viewing on larger displays.
“Apteligent has been a big factor in ensuring a 5 star mobile experience for our customers.”

- Eli Weiss, Head of mobile strategy & products at B&H Photo

Release Console

  • Apteligent release console gives mobile teams immediate visibility and control over new release roll-outs. By allowing teams to compare real-world app performance metrics between new vs. existing releases, go no-go decisions can be made quickly so as to minimize any potential negative user experiences.
  • Improve release over release
    Quickly evaluate and test new launches in the wild, and monitor adoption and user-response in real-time. Easily compare one version to another and identify changes in app behavior and stability.
  • Evaluate and decide based on real world conditions
    Quickly determine whether the new version of your app is better or worse than the one you currently have in the field. Follow adoption of your latest version in real time while monitoring its stability in production.
  • Understand your past to protect your future
    Use your previous release experience to estimate the future of the current one and maximize its chances of success. Easily identify new issues vs. regression issues
“Apteligent is the first place we go after an app release to see whether there are any users facing impacting issues. It certainly helps Smule deliver a better product to our customers.”

- Yar Woo, VP Engineering at Smule

Custom Insights

  • Start correlating app metrics to results
    Organizations serious about mobile success need more than visibility. Custom Insights allows you to correlate underlying app data metrics with marketing performance metrics without manual work.
  • Drive data-driven decisions on your team
    Ask Apteligent a question about your app or the broader mobile environment -- and return to your team with a custom report containing the statistical analysis and insight that will improve your mobile business.
  • Leverage bleeding edge data science tools
    Custom Insights leverages the same analytical tools that Apteligent data scientists use on big data. Go beyond your app’s data and leverage billions of global data points from our data warehouses.


  • Identify the most important flows or actions in your app and connect them with critical business metrics. Proactively resolve code, network, and SDK issues at the root cause of user friction in your app.
  • Go codeless with codeless screen userflows
    Apteligent automatically monitors when a user moves from screen to screen, allowing you to recreate the user’s experience without having to write a single additional line of code in your app.
  • Define userflows your way
    Define and focus on your organization’s most critical userflows like. Whether they’re monetary or user workflows, we put the pertinent data at your fingertips to optimize for the best possible customer experience.
  • Enjoy limitless detail
    Troubleshoot issues based on carrier, device, and OS. Drill down to an individual user level to track the specific steps that led to the issue at hand – and identify the population affected.
“Apteligent’s Userflows allow us to view intelligence around both our revenue metrics and our mobile user journeys, along with any issues they encounter.”

- Margaux Bruin, Mobile Project Manager at Groupon

Crash Reporting

  • From the company that practically invented crash reporting, Apteligent (formerly Crittercism) offers the industry’s most detailed and actionable crash reporting tool.
  • Resolve issues quickly
    Monitor crashes in real time and organize them into manageable groups so you can quickly fix issues before they affect users.

    Quickly reproduce problems by retracing your users’ steps using automatic breadcrumbs.
  • Fix first what matters most
    Easily identify where and why problems are occurring by factors like geography, app version, device, and OS.
  • Prioritize based on user impact
    Apteligent simplifies impact analysis by grouping similar crashes so you can prioritize by the impact on business and number of users affected.
“We have 100+ mobile apps and some issues take weeks to fix. Using Apteligent, we have been able to dramatically decrease the mean time to resolution. This was a big win for us.”

- Hiroyuki Kawakami, Manager, Platform System Dept. at DeNa

Network Insights

  • Gain insight into the impact that network services, third-party services, and SDKs have on your app and user experience.
  • Keep an eye on all your services
    Proactively monitor all service and API metrics down to the endpoints on which the app runs. Get latency, error rate, data bandwidth, and request volume for both your and third-parties’ services.
  • Rapidly analyze and resolve issues
    Understand how service issues correlate with crashes, issues (error), and userflows by retracing network calls made during the crash with breadcrumbs.
  • Optimize localization efforts
    Apteligent’s geolocation enables global or user-specific identification of environmental issues that affect app responsiveness such as country, region, carrier, and device connectivity.
“The previous app was very glitchy — it crashed all the time, especially in the cart. Now that all those issues are cleared up, every day we are getting thousands of new downloads.”

- Urban Outfitters

Culprit 3rd-Party SDKs

  • The average mobile app uses 15 SDKs, making it critical to understand how they impact performance, stability, and user experience.
  • Visibility
    Apteligent provides visibility into third-party SDK performance and highlights SDK code in crash stack traces.
  • Informed Decisions
    Understanding which SDKs negatively impact performance can be a factor in determining which third-pary services you choose. Remove suspicions by knowing how each SDK affects your app.
We integrated Apteligent directly into our existing workflows to automatically manage JIRA tickets related to our app's performance. Our developers have all the info they need without lifting a finger.

- Mobile Product Manager


  • Apteligent helps you compare to your industry peers by providing a wealth of benchmarks.
  • Focus your resources
    Use benchmarks to decide when to reallocate resources from maintenance activities to higher value activities.
  • See how you stack up
    See how your app performs relative to others in key app performance measures including crash rate and app load time.
  • See which platforms need more work
    Find out how the top devices are performing and what you can do to make your app operate seamlessly on them.
  • Understand geographic differences
    See how your app stacks up in terms of performance and latency in the locations of your most important users.
“Mobile businesses today are often blind to the many errors and performance issues that affect apps in the wild.”

- VP, Mobile Strategy

Build your own integration with the Apteligent Enterprise API

Apteligent Enterprise API allows direct programmatic access to Apteligent mobile data. Pull critical mobile data into internal reporting and tracking systems for mobile visibility across your entire organization! Here are a few examples of the questions our customers use the Apteligent API to answer.
  • Which version of our app has the most users?
  • Which OS version crashes the most?
  • Which of the services I have is the slowest?
  • How heavy is my app on data usage?
  • What are the top devices we need to test across our user base?
  • How many users are using the latest versions of the app on a daily basis?
  • What is our crash percentage across all my apps?
  • What is the latency for all cloud services across all our apps?
  • Which API endpoints have the most errors?
  • And much more!

API access is free and included in all Apteligent plans

Not ready? Start by taking a look at an implementation. Our Splunk integration is open-source and available on GitHub.
“Splunk is the nerve center for our operations. Now through this integration, our entire technical team can access Apteligent's rich mobile insights alongside other data about our technical operations.”

- Groupon


  • Start sharing mobile data and insights across your business to make smarter decisions.
  • Integrations
    Integrate with leading with marketing, workflow, and IT tools via open-source, ready-made connectors.
  • APIs
    Programmatic access to key features like crash reporting, network insights, and userflows empowers you to add relevant mobile data to your own dashboards, marketing analytics platforms, and other internal systems.
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