More on European Banking Leader

This Spanish bank has been a leader in European banking for over 50 years and is one of Spain’s top commercial financial institutions, with over 500 branches nationwide. Spain has one of the highest levels of mobile penetration in Europe, with smartphone owners making up over 55% of the national population. This has revolutionized nearly every aspect of daily life. In light of this important trend, the bank recognized that its customers need their banking to work for them and not the other way around – and this meant taking advantage of mobile. See how Apteligent has helped them realize their mobile strategy!

One in four users will abandon an app after only one bad experience

Apteligent helps you create compelling and profitable user experiences in your business critical mobile apps. With Apteligent you get specific and actionable intelligence straight from the device in real-time so you can generate higher quality apps, enhance functionality faster, and fix potential issues before they impact your mobile users – and your mobile business.

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