More on User-Centered Mobile App Metrics

Organizations typically measure their mobile progress by tracking business oriented Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as new customer acquisition, engagement, churn, and revenue. None of these metrics tie directly to the user’s ability to successfully interact with your business via the app itself. To gain a truer picture of what drives your mobile business, you must monitor a broader set of metrics. You need to start experiencing (and measuring) your app from the standpoint of your user. This free paper will give you insights, guidelines, and preferred outcomes that will help you deliver the best possible mobile experience for your customers and help make your mobile business successful like never before.


One in four users will abandon an app after only one bad experience

Apteligent helps you create compelling and profitable user experiences in your business critical mobile apps. With Apteligent you get specific and actionable intelligence straight from the device in real-time so you can generate higher quality apps, enhance functionality faster, and fix potential issues before they impact your mobile users – and your mobile business.

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